Lean Machine

I’ve been slowly losing weight with Weight Watchers since November and yesterday I finally hit 167.8 lbs which puts me in the ‘normal’ category on the BMI chart. The BMI chart is a bit jacked, admittedly, because it doesn’t take into account the weight of your frame, or your musculature. But, it’s still widely used as a guideline when more accurate information is unavailable, and I’m very pleased to have hit that mark. As long as I don’t go below 125 lbs, we’re good, and I’m pretty confident that’s not going to be an issue…

For health reasons I could stay here pretty happily, but as an athlete, I do have aspirations to get down, maybe to 145 or so. I can’t do anything about my height, but if I have to swing a little less thunder-thigh around while running, that can’t be bad!


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