I’m a Marathoner

I’ve been pretty busy lately, either with work or church commitments, and when not doing so I’ve been frantically quilting to finish a project in time for an upcoming Show at Island Quilter on Vashon Island. But, I really do want to spend some time getting back into blogging.

I’ve never been a journaler, however many times I’ve given it a go–a pretty book isn’t quite enough incentive. I think I’m a really cool lady and that I do lots of cool activities which people should get to see. You never have every friend completely enthralled with whatever specialty hobby you have. I know not to bring knitting into some households becuase others won’t be able to participate, and explaining in detail my road race nutrition strategy will surely make many yawn. But the internet–ah, the internet–thousands of like-minded individuals seeking out your quirky skills.

Much of my brain-energy lately has been spent on  lead-up and participation in the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, my first. I made the decision when I took up running last year that I would be a marathoner, and while I downgraded my registration to the half due-to injury last year, I still get to call myself a “Marathoner,” which is wicked cool.

I know this has never been a “running blog” in the past, but you know what, it’s my frickin’ blog so I get to do whatever the heck I want with it! Even the name “Leaping Mutton” has a air of running about it.

Next-up: my BMO Vancouver Half Marathon 2013 race report–“tails of pleasure, perils, pacing, and pee”


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