Oh Canada

It’s been about a month and a half since I last posted. Honestly I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to do classes, study for the GRE (which I just took last week), and prepare college applications that I’ve barely found time for knitting let along blogging about it. I have finished a couple pairs of socks and started a sweater vest, but more on that in another post.

Today I would like to talk about my olympic project. My mother and I sat down to “cast-on” last night during the opening ceremonies (in reality, I had already spun a “swatch,” and my mother is just trying to finish a WIP). They were beautiful ceremonies. Everyone kept mentioning how hard it would be to follow the ceremonies in Beijing, but, luckily I hadn’t seen them so they didn’t have a hard time impressing me. I think the coolest part was when they projected whales on the ground and little water spurts shot up from their virtual blowholes. Awesome. The slam poetry was really cool too. I just hope they don’t spend too much time talking about the cauldron malfunction when they recount the ceremonies in talk shows and on the news. TV folks tend to concentrate on the negative when something like this happens. And, I think we all had our excitement dampened enough with the death of the Georgian Luger. What a tragic thing to happen for his country and his family.

I’m not going to spend too much time explaining my olympic project because you can read about it on my Ravelry page, or on the olympic athletes list at Yarn Harlot. But, here is a photo of the original fiber which I weighed and split into two clumps:

And, here is the product from the first night’s spinning. That is half of the roving.

Now I’m just working on the second half and then I’ll make a nice tight two-ply, soak and weight it to set the twist, and away we knit. I’m not exactly sure what my yardage is going to be so I think I’ll divide the yarn into two equal balls and knit both socks toe-up, waiting to bind off until I’m done with both so that they are even.

In other news, the day that I took the GRE, in order to reward myself, my mother and I went to the Northwest Flower and Garden show and had a lot of fun. I went to this seminar on succulent plants (plants that withstand drought by keeping water in their leaves like a camel) and afterward picked up a few of my favorites at the marketplace. There are a couple of Aloe plants, an Echeveria, an Aeonium, and the little fuzzy one is a Kalenchoe.

I also decided that I should start growing orchids again, but didn’t pick one up at the show because I wanted something afordable and forgiving to be with for a few months before I expanded. So, I picked up this sweet Phalaenopsis at Trader Joe’s for only $8.00. What a score.

After it is done blooming it desperately needs to be replanted because its roots are suffocating in their tiny pot. I’m just about to order a hydroponic system for it, where it will be living in an inert medium that is basically porous clay that will release water and nutrients to the plant while at the same time giving its roots great air circulation.

Speed Skating is tonight, and I’m super excited about our Seattle natives. Go Apolo and Celski! I love Apolo dearly but I also really hope Celski gets a medal in something; he’s such a baby!


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